Investing in South Africa

In view of her profession of democracy and the social market economy, South Africa has become an interesting investment country.

In addition to a highly developed, efficient infrastructure, South Africa offers an extremely favourable strategic position between the South American continent and the peripheral regions of the Indian Ocean.  The internal market offers a potential of approx. 51 million people.  Moreover, South Africa is a gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa with a total of almost 1 billion people.  All industrial and business sectors are open to foreigners. Foreign investors may transfer their profits freely and South African enterprises may also be fully owned by foreign enterprises.

In addition, numerous projects are granted generous advantages and offered investment and export incentives.

Although the GSLA itself does not render any legal advice and is not engaged in business, it is possible to make contact through the association with persons and institutions who can assist an investment project in South Africa or Germany.

More information can be found on our link collection on South Africa (topic: “Economy”).